Oh Baby Pink Giant Balloon


On point and simply beautiful, these giant Oh Baby balloons are gorgeous.  A huge impactful showstopper.  Fabulous photo props that will leave you with photo’s to treasure forever. 

  • Giant Oh Baby Balloon

In stock


Dimensions: 36 “(3ft)

Colour: Pale Pink with white lettering

Material: 100% Natural Rubber Latex. Fully biodegradable

Instructions: The 3ft latex balloon will be supplied flat, ready to be inflated by you. If you want your balloon to float you will need to fill it with helium.

Top tips: We reccomend one helium canister to fill each balloon.

Measuring the size of your balloon: We normally fill these balloons to 27 inches when using them for events ourselves. You can measure the size of your balloon easily by taking a tape measure, measuring the space between two chairs. Inflate the balloon slowly following the instructions on the helium canister. When the balloon fits nicely between the chairs (just touching either side) it is ready.  Tie off your balloon. 


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