Neon Pastel Rainbow Party Kit


Party ware from the wonderful world of Meri Meri, the neon pastel rainbow kit is perfect for a variety of themes and occasions. Paper plates, cups and napkins all together in this pre selected kit. 

  • Pastel Neon Rainbow Napkins By Meri Meri

    Packet of 20 

    These fabulous pastel neon napkins are die cut in the shape of a rainbow. Beautiful! 

  • Pastel Neon Rainbow Paper Plates By Meri Meri

    Pack of 12 

    These die cut rainbow shape plates are finished in a pastel neon print detail. A delightful option for your party table. 

  • Pastel Neon Rainbow Paper Cups by Meri Meri

    Packet of 12

    These delightful pastel neon rainbow print paper cups will pretty up your party table. Match them up with our pastel neon rainbow plates and napkins. to complete the look. 



Pack contains:  12 Party cups, 12 Party plates, 20 Napkins




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