Minions Helium Filled Balloon Bouquet


Send Ready & Floating inflated gift balloons in a box. This Minion Balloon Bouquet is the perfect balloon gift.  Great surprise birthday balloons or perfect ready to rock party room decor.  An easy stress free and convenient way to decorate your party or a fun, unique & thoughtful gift.  A personalised gift card message will be attached to the balloons

  • 1 Minion Supershape Balloon
  • 1 Round Minion Balloon
  • 2 Foil Star Balloons
  • Balloon Ribbon
  • 2 Balloon Weights



Add a Rainbow Confetti Cannon

Get the party started with a Rainbow Confetti Cannon

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Gift Card Message

Add your gift card message here


Ready and Floating, inflated, boxed and ready to be delivered to your door (or somebody else’s).  For next day delivery orders must be placed before 10am.   We recommend that you place your order in advance, just pop the required date of delivery in at the checkout.  

Top Tip: Helium filled foil balloons may shrink in cold air, however they will firm up again once at room temperature. 

Material: Helium filled foil balloons

Shape: Speciality, round, star

Size:Supershape 22″, Round 18″, Star 20″

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