Merry Mermaid Birthday Foil Balloon Bouquet

£16.95 £9.95

This Merry  Mermaid Birthday Bunch is perfect for the Little Mermaid in your life. These extra special sparkly Mermaid balloons are holographic, so will add some shimmer and shine to your special day.

  • Merry Mermaid Foil Supershape Balloon
  • 2 Foil Star Balloons 
  • 2 Happy Birthday – Merry Mermaid Foil Balloons 
  • 20 Metres Balloon Ribbon
  • 2 Balloon Weights


Material: Foil 

Shape: Speciality, Stars

Sizes: 38″ Merry Mermaid Supershape balloon, 20″Star balloons 

Inflation: These balloons are supplied flat ready to be inflated by you.  You can use air or helium (requires helium to float).


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