Disney Frozen Bubble Balloon


Disney’s Frozen Bubble Balloon features Anna, Elsa & Olaf!  The storyboard images are finished in pretty pastel shades and the design changes front to back as you move around the balloon. The balloon is clear – just like a bubble!  

  • A little something extra: We have added the balloons and instructions needed to make up a balloon collar (a small decorative cluster of balloons at the base of the Bubble),  just like the one in our images.  This is fun and super easy to make, however …Bubble Balloons look just as good in their natural state (naked), also photographed.  The choice is all yours! 


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Material: Plastic

Shape: Round

Size: 22″

Inflation: This balloon is supplied flat ready to be inflated.  Can be filled with air or helium. Requires helium to float.

Top Tip: Bubble balloons are easy to inflate , instructions are included and they come with a ribbon pre-attached.