Chrome Gold Party Balloons (6)



  • New Chrome balloons
  • The unique finish of these Gold Chrome Balloons has been created with new technology
  • The ultimate shine makes these Gold Chrome balloons an ideal party balloon for special occasions 
  • These Chrome Gold party balloons can be inflated with air or helium
  • Scatter air filled latex balloons around the party or amongst piles of present
  • These spectacular Chrome party balloons will bring a modern look to your party decor
  • Inflate with helium to create spectacular Chrome balloon bouquets
  • Tie to the backs of chairs at the party table as party balloon place settings

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Pack of 6 Chrome Gold Balloons

Dimensions: 11”

Material: 100% Natural Rubber Latex. Fully biodegradable

Inflation: Air or Helium

Instructions: These 11” party Balloons are supplied flat, ready to be inflated by you. If you would like your balloons to float you will need to fill them with helium.

Float times: These balloons can be expected to last for up to a day when filled correctly with helium, although float times can be effected by environmental conditions. For best results inflate an hour to two hours before your event.

Inflation tip: If you want to prolong the float time of your latex balloons use in conjunction with Hi-Float, this can extend the float times of your balloons from 18- 24 hours to 1-4 weeks!